What is a peer to peer recruitment network?

It is an online community where university or college applicants can find and connect with other applicants, student ambassadors, and nominated university staff.

What are the benefits?

Increased applicant conversion, a much more supportive & better informed pre-enrolment student experience, and reduced staff workload in responding to ‘same type’ applicant queries.

What do the team at CampusConnect do?

We set up your CampusConnect account and configure it to suit your applicant needs. We train and support your nominated ambassadors and report back to your team weekly on the service performance and the current status on your applicant cohorts.

When & how do students join?

Applicants typically begin to join the network from as far as 10 month out from enrolment. The 4/5 weeks prior to enrolment are the busiest periods.

Applicants are invited to join by the admitting university - Teams usually offer it as a special invite group/service for those students how have applied or are under offer.

How do applicants register?

Applicants register by creating an account indicating what they are hoping to study, when they are starting, and where they are from. This helps us match them up with other applicants and ambassadors that best match their profile.

Users can continue to update their account to personalise their experience.

Who do students most want to connect with?

Applicants love finding people who they will be studying with and living near/with. We find that most of the interaction in the network is between the applicants themselves

What role do ambassadors play in the network?

Ambassadors provide subject specific support and can often provide a lot of really valuable first hand information around the day to day happenings on campus. Ambassador contribution is approx 1 - 4 hours per week responding to direct queries and posting responses to group questions.

What about staff?

We find that the most valuable contribution by staff relate to process queries such as deadlines, fees, etc. Most of staff input is monitoring and checking in which we see at approx 30 mins per day.

Why don’t we just use facebook or other social media platforms?

CampusConnect uniquely links applicants with peers that best match their profile based on values such as subject area, nationality, start date etc. This enables users to quickly build up valuable pre-enrolment networks of peers for friendship, support and reassurance. This cannot be replicated on other SM channels.

Still a little unsure? We hope the image below helps!