Ambassadors’ role in student recruitment survey


Thank you for taking the time to participate in the Ambassador survey 2019!

Since establishing CampusConnect in 2015 our mission has been to help student recruitment teams to better support their incoming prospective students.

We have done this by working really closely with teams to create a supporting peer recruitment network that brings together applicants, ambassadors, and nominated staff, in the weeks and months prior to enrolment.

Since starting out we have seen significant changes in how prospective students engage with the admitting university and in particular the importance of student ambassadors in providing an authentic peer voice to support applicants in their decision and preparation for the transition to third level.

Why gather and share this data?

Deciding how best to utilise your student ambassadors is difficult, and recruitment teams are are expected to deliver an outstanding student pre-enrolment experience with limited resources. Our goal is to give you more data to help you make better decisions when planning your ambassador programme for 2020.

How long will this take?

This survey will take 10 minutes. Those who complete the survey will receive a copy of the full report with recommendations.

Please contact if you have any questions/queries.