BUILA presentation: Use of a peer network to enhance international student recruitment


Last week Declan (pictured), Gemma Smith (Head of International recruitment at LJMU) and I visited the beautiful campus of Queen’s University, Belfast, to present at the BUILA conference (slides available below)

Our session focused on the use of peer networks in international student recruitment in UK Higher Education, and a good turn out in the last slot of the day was testament to the relevance and pertinence that the peer to peer approach currently has in the sector.

We define a peer network as ‘a network of people based around free cooperation of equals in performing a common task toward a common good’. Above all It’s a community capable of (and willing to) help one another out to achieve a specific purpose.

The specific purpose and context we focused on at BUILA was the use of a peer network for Liverpool John Moores University’s international offer-holders in the period between offer and arrival.

Our session focused on the practical aspects of setting up a peer network with the aim of improving the conversion of international offer-holders before moving on to the impact experienced at LJMU to date.

Overview of the session:

  • The benefit of a peer network to:

    • International students

    • The int. recruitment teams at universities

  • Considerations before you begin

  • Executing – our key learnings

  • Outcomes and impact


To discuss the content of our BUILA presentation further, please contact dan@campusconnect.ie / declan@campusconnect.ie

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