Communicating with students just got easier.

Filtered chat groups-01.png

We are all very aware that very few people respond to emails these days, this is especially true of soon-to-be students.


Likewise, the social media landscape of this demographic isn't a static place.

It continues to shift in terms of trend, user need and most importantly... trust!


At CampusConnect, we continue to listen to our users' needs to further develop an intuitive, safe space for this important exchange of pre-arrival, peer-peer information.


With this in mind, I'm very excited to announce that we have updated one of the core areas within CampusConnect.


Our clients can now create and edit their own chat groups, directly from their own admin portal. This gives university staff the ability to create and manage a group for a specific cohorts of prospects/students, e.g. A group for outbound mobility students going to China, or a group for Accommodation options for post-grad business students etc.


For students, they are no longer trying to get heard in these big pools of voices. They can now have their own space, just for the select few.


Thank you to everyone for your continued feedback, together we can...

Daniel Hinkley