Travelling and Saving The World With Reigan Paulovich

We've all got a list of things we want to do before we turn a certain age, whether it's to buy a house, learn a new skill or achieve a specific goal. For Reigan Paulovich, an Economics and Business Management student, her list includes travelling to all seven continents before turning 30. Luckily for her, she can tick off Europe as she heads to Maynooth University in Ireland from Rollins College in Florida for a semester studying abroad.


We caught up with Reigan to find out more about her goals to not only travel the world but to save it, and how she thinks other students can help take care of the environment as well. 




Tell us a bit about yourself in four sentences.


Well I enjoy traveling, meeting new people, facing challenges, and napping. I’m a go with the flow kind of person so I am up to do anything really. I have 3 jobs in America, so it’ll be a change of pace to not work at all while I’m in Ireland.


What are you studying and why?


I am studying Economics and Business Management. I chose these areas specifically because I believe there are a lot of social issues that need to be fixed and the best way to do that is to understand the economic system in which the social situations are coming from, particularly because they’re so closely intertwined. I am looking at going the non-profit route but I’m still exploring. All in all I just want to make a



Why did you choose to study at Maynooth?


My school offered many study abroad opportunities but Maynooth stuck out to me. Firstly, I have always wanted to visit Ireland, the culture seems so rich and the agriculture is absolutely stunning. I am just itching to roll around in the hills! We don't have any (natural) hills in Florida. Secondly, I have heard nothing but positive things about Maynooth. After doing more research the school seems to be the perfect fit for me, and I am really looking forward to seeing what all is in store.


You love to travel, where have you been and what's been some of your travelling highlights?


I haven’t been to too many places (yet). My goal is to go to all 7 continents by the time I’m 30. I have been to Colombia and England and a few states within the U.S.


When I head to Ireland I plan on popping over to Scotland, Amsterdam, and Germany. I don’t have a preference for any of the areas that I’ve traveled, I love them all equally. My favorite thing to do is go straight to a mom and pop restaurant and try something I’ve never had. Black pudding, for one, is awesome and I wish we had it in America! Mamoncillos from Colombia are also my favorite fruit without a doubt. I think food is one of the most expressive things in a culture.



Do you think it is important for people to travel, especially while being a student?


I would argue that traveling is vital, ESPECIALLY as a student. The best way to expand your knowledge is to travel to other places, to challenge yourself, and to embrace and engage in all the differences. It is the most refreshing feeling and I know I have become a better global citizen because of it, so I can only imagine it would help other students/individuals in that aspect as well.



You're passionate about the environment, what got you interested in taking care of the environment and how would you encourage other students to take of the environment as well?


Well long story short: I was in a hospital for a short period of time and I was in a facility with others my age who had been there for months and hadn’t seen the sun since they were admitted. One day the nurses took us outside and I watched everyone become rejuvenated. They turned back to 3 year olds in that time and ran around and really just encompassed the sun, the grass, the dirt even, in all its glory. It was invigorating to watch and stuck with me since. I will always appreciate nature and never take it for granted.


Usually when I do community service it revolves around how to better help the ecosystem. I would encourage other students to take care of the environment in their daily lives, the small things add up. If you see litter just pick it up and throw it away, recycle at every given opportunity, and try not to use straws.


These 3 small things are the first step to helping at a grand scale.




You're studying on a year abroad from Rollins College in the USA, what were you most excited about when moving to study at Maynooth and what were you most nervous about?


I am excited about too many things, I could practically write a novel on it. I’m excited for all the things that I am not expecting to happen if that makes sense. I try not to plan things because it is so much more rewarding to gain things that I never thought possible by living in the present moment. I am nervous to meet my flatmates, I hope we all gel well together. I like to think I am a people-person though so I’m sure it’ll be fine!


What advice would you give to anyone thinking about doing a year abroad?


Do it do it do it!!! Jump right in and think positively.


What are your hopes and dreams for the future?


I hope to see the world, I hope to inspire others, I hope to make a difference, and I hope that every day is just as rewarding as the last.

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